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Packing Tips

1. To provide greater protection for your belongings and to make loading easier, pack as much as you can into boxes

2. Start packing 7 to 9 weeks before your move date.

3. Don’t try to save on your packing materials “ Packing Supplies”. It is far cheaper to buy packing materials then to have to replace your belongings.

4. Keep your valuables and essentials separately, so you can take these items with you.

5. Fill each box to capacity if needed use fillers to fill empty spaces. Make sure that you reinforce the bottom of all boxes with tape.

6. Keep the weight of your boxes reasonable, should not be more than 50 pounds, pack heavy items in smaller boxes.

7. Soft goods like pillows and stuffed toys may be packed in large garbage bags, these bags are useful as fillers when loading.

8. If possible dismantle all items and protect any sharp corners so not to puncture or scratch other objects loading.

9. Dishes and Glassware/Bowls Wrap each plate individually in tissue paper and newsprint; next take 4 wrapped plates and wrap them together. Take the bundle and stand on its edge in box. Use padding between bundles. NEVER lay them flat Individually wrap each glass, pad the bottom of the box, pack glass rim down and to pack empty spaces in box with cushioning materials. Do the same for Bowls as you did for the plates. You can place bowls on end or flat Fine silver should be wrapped in cloth

10. Lamps and Delicate Items Dismantle lamps by removing the assembly, bulb and shade. Wrap each piece individually with bubble wrap, towels or blankets. The shade is best if you can find a box that is close to the shade measurements. Pack one shade per box. Put fragile stickers and description of contents with location in your new home